We manufacture composites – from wood and mineral or natural fibers in connection with bio-based adhesive systems. The main product areas are skateboards, longboards, snowboards, skis, snowskates, waveboards and prototypes  for our own brand BuddyBuddy and for clients – including individual development and construction.

Ausserdem bieten wir Produktions-knowhow aller Zwischenstufen der Produktion, wie:

CNC Fräsarbeiten, CNC Profilschliff, Formenoptimierung, Laminier- und Pressaufträge, Schleif- und Finishaufträge bis hin zum High End Wachsfinish bei Skiern und Snowboards

Unser Herzstück ist die von uns entwickelte und patentierte AnchorCoreTechnology®. Die Vorteile sind so überzeugend, dass man sich die Technologie überall vorstellen kann, wo es um höchste Bruchstabilität, Dynamik und Dämpfung in Verbindung mit geringem Gewicht und möglichst nachhaltiger Herstellung geht.
Example for OEM production

The production of team boards for Lumipöllö
Lumipöllö is a manufacturer in the Ore Mountains for the production and finishing of textiles and is one of the currently popular labels on the boardsports scene!
With the help of a recycled thread material, we connect and stretch the outer layers of our decks in specific directions. The efficiency of this anchoring – and tension of layers and fibers, enables us to do without materials that are harmful to the climate or health, such as carbon or kevlar. Unique in the world, we provide you with the verifiably measured maximum values ​​for torsional stiffness, dynamics, damping and breaking stability in our decks
AnchorCoreTechnology® was able to use test bodies with significantly lower energy and material costs, e.g. achieve a higher breaking load with the same deformation path