Basic ECO Autumn-Edition #3 – maple / cherry


Topmount Twin with foot-friendly concave and microkicks on the nose and tail
Non-stop solid wood core made of poplar & ash/ EU
Multi-layer shock protection on the nose and tail/ DE
Adhesive – Green Epoxy/ EU
Reset behavior: Flex 2
CNC Wheelwells
BuddyBuddy-Fibertech is a multilayer, mineral fiber composite/ DE
3 year guarantee
Unique piece

Handmade in Germany


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BuddyBuddy Basic ECO, Flex 2

Characteristic of our most popular “Basic” deck is the cut-out shape – which allows a long wheelbase and maximum axle angle even with large rollers. Sporty cruising and powerful carving is supported by pleasant yet dynamic flex in conjunction with light camber. A gentle C-concave with slightly kicked tips brings your power to the axis and provides security with more speed. A new core type and a new anchor hole pattern, as well as 3 flex options, bring even more power and cushioning for your ride with the optimized fiber composite.

Flex 2: stands in our flex scale for a medium-hard structure – ideal rider weight approx. 65-85kg

Autumn-Edition #3:

This board is unique – maple and cherry tree leaves serve as a graphic element – hand-picked in the backyard of our manufactory in the Ore Mountains. Worth knowing about maple and cherry


Downhill * *
Freeride * * * *
Sliding * * *
Carving * * * * *
Cruising * * * * *
Dancing * * *